Guarana Powder FAQs

From the basics on what guarana is, what it’s good for and how it works in the body to how it can be used in a range of foods, drinks, supplements and skincare products, find out everything you need to know about guarana powder and other extracts on our FAQs page.

What is Guarana?

The word guarana can refer to a few different things, so this is a good question to start with! Guarana (from the Portuguese word guaraná) is used to describe a South American climbing plant, Paullinia cupana, which is native to Brazil and the Amazon basin. It is also, however, used to refer to the caffeine-rich extract obtained from the seeds of the plant, which can be used in a range of foods, drinks and supplements due to its superior effects as a stimulant.

What is Guarana Extract?

The most popular form of guarana extract is guarana powder; traditionally, the Guarani tribe in the Amazon ground up guarana seeds into a powder for use in breads and herbal teas. With advanced aqueous extraction methods and purifying filtration processes, which is how Organic-Guarana powder is made, commercial customers can now use a finer and purer guarana powder extract in their products. Historically, guarana has also been made into a paste or gum for herbal applications.

What is Guarana Good For?

Guarana has a range of reported health benefits, making it good for a lot of different uses and applications. People have found that guarana powder can be beneficial for weight loss, for example, as the caffeine content in guarana helps suppress the appetite. The energising properties of guarana have also been found to help with energy levels and exercise performance, making it a favourite for professional athletes and fitness fanatics worldwide.

Is Guarana Safe?

Guarana is safe for consumption by most adults in sensible doses. It does have a high concentration of caffeine, however, so should be used in the correct amounts to ensure a healthy and safe diet and lifestyle. Guarana consumers should consult their physician if they have a condition that may be affected by caffeine consumption.

How does Guarana Work in the Body?

Guarana contains high concentrations of caffeine, which stimulates the central nervous system, heart and muscles. Caffeine stimulates the brain by binding to the adenosine receptor to block the chemical adenosine, which causes drowsiness by slowing nerve cell activity. It also acts as a mild diuretic, flushing fluids out of the body slightly more quickly than usual.

Is Guarana Better than Coffee?

If you’re looking for more caffeine bang for your buck, guarana is a fantastic alternative to coffee. The guarana seed contains twice as much caffeine as a coffee bean on average, so you need much less of it to achieve the same levels of alertness and energisation. The effects of guarana caffeine also last much longer than those of coffee, with a steadier release of energy over hours instead of the sudden high and crash associated with coffee for many consumers.

How to Buy Wholesale Guarana?

You’ve come to the right place! Swiss suppliers novatra provide high-grade organic guarana powder extract in wholesale quantities throughout Europe for commercial customers. Contact us to find out more about our product and pricing plans.