Organic Guarana Extract

Harness the power of the rainforest

Organic Guarana Powder

Organic-Guarana from Swiss suppliers novatra is a high-grade organic guarana powder extract containing 10% caffeine that is available at excellent prices for wholesale and commercial customers across Europe. Guarana extract has become a highly popular ingredient for a range of foods, drinks and supplements, as it has twice the concentration of the caffeine found in a regular coffee bean. Make sure your customers only get the best quality, purest guarana caffeine and make you their brand of choice with our organic guarana extract.

Wholesale Organic Guarana Powder Extract

The guarana powder extract we supply is obtained by precise aqueous extraction from the seeds of the Paulinia cupana Kunth plant, which is native to South America. The resulting extract is subjected to a filtration process for purity and then spray-dried into a light and versatile organic powder available in wholesale quantities for industrial use.

Guarana Uses for Commercial Customers

The excellent solubility levels of Organic-Guarana guarana powder makes it suitable for use in various applications in the food and drink industry, including energy drinks, soft drinks, hot drinks, and foods such as bread, cakes, protein bars, and snacks. Guarana is also a popular ingredient in supplements for energy and weight loss, as well as skincare products for its energising and revitalising effects on the skin.

Guarana Benefits for Your Customers

Many people in Europe are beginning to understand the health and wellbeing benefits for a variety of organic ingredients and extracts from South America, most prominently in the case of guarana. Reported benefits for guarana seed powder include weight loss (through suppressing the appetite), increased energy levels, and improved athletic performance. This makes guarana an attractive ingredient for a range of products, as it appeals to people who want to live healthier, longer, and more active lives. Find out more about the appeal of guarana on our guarana benefits page.

Guarana Caffeine Content

Our guarana powder always contains a minimum of 10% caffeine, making it a powerful and highly effective additive for food, drinks, supplements and skincare products. Not only does guarana have a much higher concentration of caffeine than coffee beans; guarana is also released into the body at a slower pace than coffee caffeine, due to the way that the caffeine binds to tannins in the guarana seed, meaning guarana has a longer-lasting effect (of up to 6 hours in the body). Why settle with coffee bean extracts when you can harness the power of guarana? You can find out more about the caffeine content of guarana powder extract here.

Nutrition Facts and Technical Information

To find out more about the technical aspects of the organic guarana powder we can supply, head to our technical information page. We also have organic certification; you are guaranteed an organic, GMO-free guarana powder of the best quality with novatra.

Buy Organic Guarana Powder from novatra

We’re proud to be a supplier of the best quality organic guarana for European commercial customers straight from South America. If you have any questions about the products and services we can offer, or would like to enquire about wholesale pricing for organic guarana powder, you can contact our team and we’ll be happy to help you.