Why choose certified organic guarana?

Any product labelled "organic" on the European market bears on its packaging either the green French logo "AB" (Label Agriculture Biologique) or the European logo "Eurofeuille" and has been previously inspected by approved certification bodies (Ecocert SA, Agrocert, Bureau Alpes Contrôles or, as in our case, by IMO).

This certification is a guarantee for the consumer that the ingredients of the food supplement come from organic farming methods that do not use synthetic molecules or pesticides.

The organic label also hides other qualities. According to experts, the products resulting from this farming process have been able to preserve a large part of their secondary active ingredients, such as antioxidants, which have considerable nutritional benefits.

The active ingredient responsible for the stimulating properties of organic guarana is called guaranine, which is contained in the seeds at a level of 2.5 to 7 %. For comparison: the coffee bean contains only about 2 % caffeine. Not to forget tannin and xanthine alkaloids, including theophylline and theobromine, which have antioxidant properties.

It is clear that guarana certified organic can be less "processed" to concentrate its caffeine content than the conventional versions whose ingredients come from conventional agricultural practices.

Difference between organic guarana powder and extract

The caffeine content of the seed itself is not high enough to provide the body with all the therapeutic benefits of this active ingredient.
Furthermore, an extract has the advantage that the caffeine content can be kept stable at 10% and the recipe, taste and also the caffeine content does not vary with each production. Our organic guarana extract with 10% caffeine is also the sensible choice in terms of price. This is because much less extract has to be used than would be the case with pure powder.

The right compromise between organic and product effectiveness

In order to reap all the benefits of guarana without completely abandoning the "organic" context, it is necessary to find extracts of this plant whose original substances used come from organic farming. While the active molecules of these supplements have been concentrated, they adhere to organic quality standards to respect consumer hygiene, health and safety.

Our organic guarana extract is controlled by IMO. This allows us to confirm that they are free from toxic substances such as pesticides and chemicals. These products have been inspected by independent organisations and laboratories before being released to the market.

High quality organic guarana

To reap all the benefits of organic guarana, it is therefore imperative to choose the supplement you want to buy wisely, taking into account the quality criteria mentioned earlier.

1. choose a supplier that offers a concentrated extract with a content of about 10%. Guarana cannot contain infinitely more guaranine unless it is manipulated, such as by adding caffeine, which does not come from the guarana seed.

2. check the origin of the raw materials, the method of cultivation and the extraction technique used to avoid resorting to products contaminated with chemical substances, pesticides and heavy metals. Give preference to organic products.

3. make sure that the supplement does not contain synthetic caffeine or, even worse, ephedrine, which enhances the stimulating effect of guaranine but is still harmful to health. The product must be pure.

That's why you should choose our organic guarana extract from Brazil. 

Since 2013, novatra gmbh has been importing various natural extracts from South America, mainly from Brazil and Peru, for the entire European and Swiss market. We concentrate on the import of extracts in organic quality and have all the necessary certificates - see www.novatra.ch

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