Bio Guarana Extract: Healthy Energy from Sustainable Farming

Discover the unparalleled benefits of certified organic Guarana - a choice that not only supports your health but also respects the environment! Every product labeled as "organic" on the European market carries either the green French logo "AB" (Label Agriculture Biologique) or the European logo "Eurofeuille" and has been certified by approved certification bodies such as Ecocert SA, Agrocert, Bureau Alpes Contrôles, or, in our case, IMO. This certification provides consumers with the guarantee that the ingredients of the dietary supplement come from organic farming, free from synthetic molecules and pesticides.

Why should you opt for certified organic Guarana? The active ingredient responsible for the stimulating properties of organic Guarana is caffeine, which is present in the seeds at a concentration of 2.5 to 7%. In comparison, the coffee bean contains only about 2% caffeine. Our Bio Guarana Extract with 10% caffeine offers a concentrated form of this natural stimulant, usable in a variety of applications. Unlike conventional variants, organic-certified Guarana can be less processed to concentrate its caffeine content while retaining its natural compounds. By using extract, taste, formulation, and caffeine content can be maintained, making our Bio Guarana Extract a financially viable decision.

To reap all the benefits of Guarana without straying from the organic context, we recommend choosing extracts of this plant whose originally used materials come from organic farming. Our Bio Guarana Extract is controlled by IMO, ensuring that it is free from toxic substances such as pesticides and chemicals. The quality and safety of our products are ensured by independent organizations and laboratories before they are introduced to the market.

At Novatra, we have been specializing in importing natural extracts from South America since 2013, serving the entire European and Swiss market. Our focus is on importing extracts of organic quality, and we possess all the necessary certificates to guarantee you the highest quality.

Opt for high-quality organic Guarana from Novatra and benefit from the numerous health advantages of this amazing superfood. If you have any questions, we are at your disposal. Contact us today and let us embark on the path to a healthier future together!

Best regards,
Pascal Party
CEO Novatra GmbH

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